Hey, I'm Evan! I'm a writer for Upworthy, and I've also written a bunch of other places. If you're interested in hiring me to write words, you can check out stuff I've written under Portfolio.

How to Write a Pitch for an Article

Pitching yourself is hard. Really hard. Pitching yourself is the epitome of putting yourself out there -- there's no safety net, no woulda-shoulda-coulda... only the cold, hard truth. Is your work good enough? The thing that can be hard to swallow about creative work is that, too often, the work…

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How I Ended Up on the Front Page of Digg

I just got done talking about a story I recently published, and how none of the bigger outlets I pitched were interested in running it. I talked about how I settled for publishing on Medium and was thrilled when 400 people read it. Well, a few days ago, that story…

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Creating a Sense of Place in Your Writing

A little while back, I started reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I'm only about 100 or so pages in, so the story is just getting cranked up, but holy hell -- Gillian is a great writer. Her descriptions, in particular, are exceptional. I came across one passage the other…

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