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Clot Control: Foods That Thin & Thicken Your Blood

DVTlite helps patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis and other blood clotting disorders through a revolutionary consumer medical device. This piece on their blog stemmed from in-depth keyword research following a comprehensive content strategy, and quickly became one of the client's top organic landing pages.

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The 5 Parts of Your Cell Phone Contract You Should Actually Read

Pure TalkUSA is one of the leading providers of no-contract cell phone plans and devices. This blog post helped them build trust with new audience members, and continues to drive both organic traffic and positive brand awareness.

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8 American Tourist Traps to Avoid. Or Not.

Mori Luggage set out to do more than sell suitcases and carry ons -- they wanted to become a trusted authority on all things travel. This post for their blog was just plain fun. I dare you to read it and not crack a smile!

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How a Brand Rivalry Helped Soda Take Over the World

Nebo Agency blogs. And they blog hard. Only pieces with a story, a message, and a dedication to craft make it to the publishing stage. I wrote this for Nebo and racked up over 1400 page views to date.

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The Trusty Spotter: Fitness News & Reviews You Can Trust

In April 2017 I started my own fitness blog, called The Trusty Spotter, where I could document my workout journey, share fitness news, and review exercise related products.

I'll update this space with achievements and milestones as the site grows!

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