About Evan


Evan is a writer, blogger, author, and a dad of two wild girls.

Professionally, he was most recently a writer at Upworthy from 2015 to 2018 (he also worked briefly as an Editor, but found he just missed writing too much).

Before that, he spent three years as Lead Copywriter and Director of Content at Nebo, a digital marketing agency in Atlanta.

These days he makes his living as a blogger while he writes books.

Sweet gig, right?

His debut novel, DAD CAMP, comes out in 2024.

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Creative Writing (Fiction, Screenplays, Essays)

I spend most of my time writing and editing informational/transactional web content, so I like to feed my creative soul whenever I get the chance.

I've written a handful of feature film screenplays. Of note, my action thriller script called LATE won the Bronze prize at the 2011 PAGE Screenwriting Awards.

It was shopped around "town" for a while but currently sits gathering dust in an old Google Drive folder.

One of the coolest things I've ever done was spend a month or so doing contract writing for The Onion News Network — read all about that here.

I've written some cool essays and first-person stories. An experiment in answering "How are you?" honestly to strangers turned into an exploration of modern masculinity. A plane trip with my late father inspired a piece about life with Parkinson's Disease.

And I recently finished my first novel, DAD CAMP — you can read all about how I wrote it, found representation, and ultimately landed a book deal here!

Blogging, Publishing & Internet Marketing

I spend most of my time running a portfolio of content sites. You can read more about those in the Blog section of my site.

I have been interviewed about these endeavors and featured on:

Niche Site Project & The Doug Show
The Do You Even Blog Podcast
Bamboo Chalupa Digital Marketing Podcast

Other Writing

In a former life, I was a copywriter, content strategiest, content marketer, etc.

I've also done a ton of freelance writing gigs. Some ghostwriting, others with a byline.

You can see more samples of all of the different types of writing I've done at the link below.

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